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Argentina ready to sell its aircraft to the world, says Macri

The Argentine Air Force will use the new Pampa IIIs to patrol the country's coastline.

Thursday 6 December, 2018
President Mauricio Macri sits inside an Argentine-made IA 63 Pampa III jet fighter.
President Mauricio Macri sits inside an Argentine-made IA 63 Pampa III jet fighter. Foto:File-Perfil

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Argentina is ready to sell its military aircraft to the world, President Mauricio Macri said Wednesday.

The president visited the Argentine Aircraft Factory (FADEA) in Córdoba province, where authorities presented three IA 63 Pampa III artillery fighters. The Argentine Air Force will use the aircraft to patrol Argentina's coastline.

"We our proud to present today these three Pampa III jet fighters and to restore a factory like FADEA, which is the pride of Argentina and Córdoba. After many delays, we can now move forward and solidify this project", Macri said.

"Today we have the opportunity to work, not only for the Argentine State, but for the private sector and the world as well, because this is one of the few factories in the world that designs and manufactures the prototypes it creates", he added.

The head of state said his government "wants by 2023 that 50 percent of FADEA production be delivered to the Argentine State and (the other) 50 percent to the world". He said he hoped to see "three more" Pampa IIIs by next year.






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